Murex Energy

A landowner friendly renewable energy company

Developing a Hydro-electric site

1. Site Selection

This involves checking the water head and flow on the site and ensuring basic requirements such as as whether or not the site has protected land designation etc

2. Proposal to Landowner
Murex will propose renewable site opportunities that lead to highest possible return, this could involve more than one site per landowner.

3. Exclusivity

The landowner will commit to a 12 month agreement for Murex to carry out a site evaluation.

4. Stage 1: Feasibility Study

Further checks are carried out by Murex to make sure the site is fully appropriate for development.

5. Option & Lease Agreement
This is signed between the landowner and Murex Energy, committing both parties to the development process.

6. Stage 2: Feasibility Study and Planning

This is a more in depth process including six months of flow monitoring, habitat surveys and meeting the requirements of all the regulatory bodies including the Envrionment Agency and the local authority.

7. Planning Consent
The local planning authority is required to give their response on planning within 3 months of submitting an application.

8. Order Equipment
Once planning is granted then the equipment is ordered and the land is prepared for the site including road access.

9. Construct Project
This takes up to six months after all the other pieces of the process have slotted together and includes installation, grid connection and commissioning.

10. Operation
The hydro electric system will be regularly checked, cleaned and serviced to ensure a high level of performance for 20 years.

Murex Energy may use one of a number of different turbines on its sites and therefore the images on this website only represent one turbine model that may be used.